"Ontrack measures its success by the value it creates for its clients."

For the equipment servicing industry this value is usually the improved efficiency in terms of more jobs per technician, less support staff, lower communications costs and improved utilization of parts inventory and other assets such as service vehicles. Further value created includes improved levels of customer service, competitive advantage when tendering for new business and the ability to deal with customers, staff, subcontractors and suppliers from an informed perspective.

"Improved efficiency and satisfied customers is the key value Ontrack creates for its client organisations."

We also know that real value can only be delivered by an Organisation that has vision and experience leveraged by exceptional People and Products.

The vision at Ontrack is clear and well developed.  It is based on constant dialogue with existing customers and prospects as well as a detailed understanding of enabling technologies, both current and emerging.  This understanding is combined with the imagination and creativity of the company founders who are specialists in the process and systems design for service logistics, equipment servicing, job management, and technical resource management.

Experience with more than 150 customer sites already implemented in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Canada and the UK spans all service organisation types, sizes and most equipment servicing industry groups.